HomeSec Referral Partner & Broker Partner Terms and Conditions

You (The Partner) agree that you are an independent contractor and in no way are you an employee or agent of Homesec Business Finance Pty Ltd (Homesec).

The Partner is unable to bind Homesec in any way, and must not purport to do so.

When The Partner introduces loans to HomeSec, The Partner agrees that they act solely for the borrower with whom they are introducing to us to consider for a loan (Referral)

The Partner must use reasonable endeavors to ensure that information provided to us in relation to a loan introduced to us by you is accurate.

The Partner must not provide any information which you know or ought to have known is or is likely to mislead or is fraudulent.

The Partner authorize HomeSec to pay any Referral Fee or Brokerage Fee (as defined below) on an RCTI, and remit the Referral fee or Brokerage Fee directly into The Partners nominated bank account (as supplied when The Partner signed up to become a Partner)

The Partner gives express consent for HomeSec to send product and marketing material to you via email, SMS, fax or post.

HomeSec agrees to follow up all referrals (both electronic and verbal) as soon as they are received, and no later than 1 business hour from the time of receipt of the referral.  All information including outcomes and updates will be emailed to The Partner in a timely manner.

HomeSec agrees to pay The Partner EITHER a Referral Fee or a Brokerage Fee within 24 hours of the settlement of each loan.


Referral Fee.  The Referral Fee is set at 1% of the gross amount loaned to a borrower (including capitalised fees and interest).  EG: If the loan is $200,000 nett, The Partner gets paid $2000 inclusive of GST.  This Referral Fee is paid out of our Standard Establishment Fee, and is NOT an additional charge to the borrower.



Brokerage Fee.  If The Partner wishes not to receive a Referral Fee and instead would prefer to apply a fixed Brokerage Fee and/or interest trail on each loan referred to us. The Partner will be required to state this figure below on each loan submitted…..

(EG:  Additional Brokerage:______ % of the loan amount        Additional Trail:_______% per month)  This needs to be done by email to your HomeSec BDM or HomeSec representative at the time when you lodge the application.

*** Please note: Additional Brokerage & Trails are subject to approval by HomeSec.   We advise that these additional brokerage fees and trails are added to HomeSec’s standard Establishment Fee & Interest rate.  This means the cost is passed onto the borrower.  This may affect the competitiveness of the loan offer) ***

The Partner agrees to always quote their Brokerage Fee on a “GST INCLUSIVE” basis.

I/We (the Partner) understand that any Referral Fee or Brokerage Fee is only payable when the loan I/We have introduced has settled.   Trails are paid when the loan is fully repaid, and provided the loan does not go into default.

The Partner agrees to pass on any discoveries which may somehow affect any loan which is submitted to HomeSec.

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