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If your business is owned money, why should you have to wait for it? Do what Jim just did and get the person who owes the money to get an instant short term business loan and pay back the business debt.

If you are in business and owe money to other businesses or the ATO, a HomeSec short term business loan is an instant solution to your worries

If you’re a lawyer or debt collection firm, be like Jim’s lawyer and think outside the square. Get an instant solution to the situation. Plus we have an amazing Referral Partner program to reward you for your brilliance as well.

Learn From Jim's Story...

We recently had the owner of a truck repair business call us needing to borrow $300,000 in a big hurry. We’ll call him Jim. When we were talking with Jim on the phone, he said he needed the money to buy parts and pay wages. This is because a major client hasn’t paid him for work they have done on three of this clients trucks.

Normally this is a scenario that we hear of a lot. We have helped hundreds of businesses out over the years that have been in a similar situation. We do this by getting them the funds they need in just 24 hours. However, unfortunately for Jim, he didn’t have any equity left in his home, and had no other real estate assets for us to secure our loan against.

In the course of the conversation Jim said that he is seeing his solicitor that afternoon. He did this to comment legal action against his client to recover the money. He said that the non-paying client said he will pay. But he has to sell or refinance a few of his investment properties first to settle this business debt. Of course, Jim can’t wait that long, plus there is every chance that it is nothing more than a delay tactic.

What is Jim to do about the business debt?

Now seeing his solicitor is a good idea, but there is a lot of expense involved, and it all takes a lot of time. So we made a quick suggestion to Jim….. “Why don’t you get your solicitor to give the non-paying client a call. Advise them that expensive legal action is about to commence, but there is a way to fix the problem in 24 hours. That solution is a short term business loan from HomeSec Business Finance”.

For Jim, he would get paid the following day, rather than waiting months and months to go through the courts or for his client to sell or refinance his investment properties.

For the slow paying client, he has sorted things out with Jim and they are mates again, plus he has avoided massive legal fee’s and possible wind up action. This means HomeSec get paid out when he does actually sell or refinance his real estate assets.

For Jim’s solicitor, he looks like a hero as he solved his clients’ legal problem in just 24 hours.

It’s a win, win, win.

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