3 Simple Things We Need To Know

As our short term business loans are all secured against real estate, we just need to know….
How much is the property worth?
What is the amount owing on the 1st mortgage?
Are there any arrears that we will be bringing up to date?

We just need to know how much the client would like “in the hand”, and for how many months. (ie: Between 1 to 10 months)

All of our loans need to be for some kind of business or commercial purpose, so we need a brief one sentence summary on what that may be.

This means… How will the borrower repay the loan within 1 week to 6 months.
Often the Exit Strategy will be…

Refinance of the security property
Sale of an asset
From cashflow

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HomeSec Business Finance is all about SERVICE.
Many short term caveat lenders believe that they have the money to lend and that is all that matters. Too bad if you call their office during business hours with an urgent deal and it is closed for half the day while they play golf or are out looking at properties, etc.

We understand that short term business lending is all about SPEED & SERVICE. If you have a deal to submit, you want an answer in an hour or two of sending it through, and you want the process to be quick and simple at every stage…. including a simple online application.

That is what we are all about. 

We designed our service for the benefit of clients and brokers… not for ourselves.

We allow you to determine your own brokerage fee (up to a maximum of 4% of the loan amount), and it is paid to you at settlement. You don’t even have to send us a tax invoice, as we will do an RCTI and pay the funds directly into your account.

If you receive a lot of short term loan applications, we can also discuss genuine white labelling, to help you protect your source of funds, and build your own brand.

Whatever the funding need, lets work together to get it done.

Your Clients + Our Resources = Happy Clients & Settled Loans!

Fact: NOT All Short Term Business Lenders are the sameSome short term business lenders, caveat lenders and 2nd Mortgage lenders issue letters of offer within 2 hours, while others can take up to 24 hours just to issue an indicative offer. There are lenders that do valuations and some that don’t. They can take weeks to settle, and some can settle in just 24 hours. They can charge anywhere from 2%pcm, 4%pcm to even 6%pcm. There are short term business lenders and caveat lenders that want thousands of dollars to be paid up front, and some only require a few hundred dollars to cover the cost of searches. You may find some require full financials to be supplied, meanwhile others don’t.


• We issue a simple “easy to understand” Conditional Approval within TWO working hours of receiving the application.

• We do not do valuations. (we simply rely on market appraisals)

• Our System is structured so we CAN physically settle within 24 hours from the time we receive the signed and accepted Conditional Approval.

• We don’t charge thousands of dollars up front. We capitalize all of our costs, except for a modest Acceptance Fee which covers the cost of our searches.

• We do NOT require financials, and credit history is irrelevant. All we need to know is what the business or commercial investment purpose is, and what the exit strategy is.

• All of HomeSec’s Short Term Loans are for business and commercial investment purposes, and are structured so all fee’s and interest are TAX DEDUCTABLE.

FACT # 2:

Beware of the hidden “per month” fee’s as well. With 1pm% interest plus all the per month “admin fee’s & management fee’s”, you end up paying well over 4% per month.

If your client needs money yesterday, doesn’t have thousands of dollars to pay for valuations and legals up front, and wants a painless experience, only a short term business loan from HomeSec Business Finance can deliver that.

It is the difference between catching a limo to the airport, compared to catching a bus.
If you need to get to the airport fast and with minimal hassle, you’ll choose the limo.

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