The 24hr Solution to Overdue Tax Debt

From time to time, small business owners can fall behind in their tax obligations. Often it’s just a small issue and can be easily resolved. However sometimes it can be a major problem where the ATO are owed hundreds of thousands of dollars, and the business owner simply doesn’t have that kind of money available to be able to pay the debt.

We have probably all heard the media reports lately how the ATO are no longer going to effectively play the role of the small business bank. If tax is owed, then it needs to be paid ASAP. If it isn’t, the consequences can be horrendous.

Don’t let this happen to you.

Thankfully there is an instant solution to get the tax office paid and off your back. It’s called a Short Term Business Loan

Here’s how they work. You simply lodge your application online, which only takes a minute or two. You will then be asked to send through a rates notice and recent mortgage statement for a piece of real estate…. which can be a house, unit, land, or commercial property located anywhere in Australia or New Zealand. Within 2 business hours, you will know if your loan is approved, and if it is, loan contracts are drawn up, then once they are signed by each person on the title of the security property, we fund the loan straight away.

The benefits of a short term business loan.

So you can see how fast and simple these short term business loans really are!! Plus we aren’t phased by a bad credit file, or a heap of arrears. After all, we are here to help! Now as the name suggests, these loans are just designed to Bridge the Gap and are only for a short term of 1 to 6 months. This means it’s important to have an Exit Strategy in mind. Quite often this is the refinance of the security property with a long term lender such as a bank.

Sometimes it’s the sale of the security property or another asset, and sometimes it’s just from business Cashflow. We are fine with whatever the exit strategy is, just as long as it can happen within the term of the loan. However with us, there is a fair degree of flexibility too, so we understand that sometimes things may go a little longer than expected. All we ask is that you keep in touch.

So what about the costs? 

Once you have taken the 60 seconds to apply online, we will immediately assess the application. After this we will provide you with exact costs for the loan term and the amount you are seeking. If you don’t wish to proceed or aren’t ready to proceed just yet, that’s completely ok. There is no cost to you and you are under no obligation whatsoever.

So let avoid the devastating consequences of an unpaid tax debt. If you need to get the tax office off your back, or any other creditor for that matter, simply click the apply Now button on our website and get your instant finance solution underway right now.

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