Tip For Finding Business Client Leads

I have an important message for residential mortgage brokers. 

Ok… When was the last time you asked your clients if they or anyone in their family are self-employed or own a business?  OR is anyone thinking of buying or starting a business?  You are likely to find that there are a lot of self-employed clients or business owners on your own client base.   

So onto the next point??   What would you do if they called you up right now and said that they needed to borrow a large sum of money… (say $400,000) by tomorrow.   What would you do?  Where would you go? It is incredible how many times mortgage brokers learn about our short term business loans. Only to end up saying “oh I wish I know known about your loan product a month ago. I could have helped a client of mine”.   Honestly, this happens all the time. 

So what do you think happened to the business clients that the broker couldn’t help??   

The client probably suffered financially as a result of not being able to access the funds in 24 hours, OR the loyal client had no choice but to find another broker who could help. 

DON’T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU!!   Our short term business loans are a lifesaver for businesses right across Australia and New Zealand. This is because we can lend between $20,000 dollars and $2,000,000 dollars within 24 hours. YES,  By the very next business day.

We don’t need financials or Cashflow records, and a bad credit history or loan arrears won’t stop us from lending either.   And unlike most of our competitors, we don’t do valuations, which is why we can settle within 24 hours.

To become a HomeSec broker or referral partner takes all of 2 minutes. Once complete you are automatically issued with your own unique application form.  When a business client has an urgent need for funds, you simply enter the client’s details into your 60 second application form, and the loan is underway. By the following day, your client can be cashed up, and you have earned a very generous brokerage or referral fee.   Plus you have a very happy client!! What could be easier?

So take a moment to learn more about short term business loans from Australia’s largest and most respected national short term business lender… 

HomeSec Business Finance.

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