We Are Like an ATM for Business

Imagine if you could access large sums of money for your business in just 24 hours? Wouldn’t that be amazing! No having to grovel to a bank manager, and no having to wait weeks or months to get the money. You simply fill in a 60 second application form online, and have the funds you need in your bank account by the very next day. It’s almost like an ATM for business.

Just like you drive to the local ATM to withdraw $300, you can just go to your computer or smart phone to apply online to access three hundred Thousand dollars… and the very next day, you have it.

Short Term Business Loans Explained

These loans are called SHORT TERM BUSINESS LOANS. They are a lifesaver for businesses that urgently need access to amounts ranging from $20k to $2m.The best part about these loans are they are just so easy.

Your client simply APPLIES ONLINE via your unique HomeSec application form  

(The link is auotmatically generated and emailed you you when you become a Partner.)

We don’t need to see tax returns or cashflow records, and loan arrears and bad credit history are irrelevant. All we need is real estate security and a genuine business purpose.

As these loans are only a short term solution (being from 1 – 6 months), you just need to plan your Exit Strategy. Often the exit strategy is a refinance of your existing loans, or it can sometimes be the sale of an asset, or even just from cashflow. We are easy…. Its whatever you think will work best for you.

So the next time there is a crisis or an opportunity, and you need access to large sums of money in a hurry, a short term business loan is the only solution. Contact Us today to find out more.

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